Soweto Junior began in the year 2006 as a nursery school. We started off with just 2 kids that needed access to an education. Presently we have a population of 150 kids from the densely populated Kibera slums where over 1 million people live.

Founder’s story.

Being born into a very poor family, I had no hope nor access to a good education or health care. I was abandoned in the Kibera slums but luckily was rescued by Soweto Academy under the founding father Rev. Chris Okumu. The school had been established as a  feeding and rehabilitation centre for the slum children. This centre grew to become a school and I had the opportunity to get an education. I worked so hard for a chance to succeed in life. When we sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E), I emerged the best in school and earned sponsorship from the school through high school and later joined the University of Nairobi. I graduated from the same university in 2008 with a second class upper division (Finance option).

After my completion, I worked as a teacher at Soweto Academy for 2 years and I had God speaking to my heart to open another centre so that I am also to provide an opportunity to many other slum children who don’t have access to an education. I had to give back value to the community because the community had also given value to me.

Therefore Soweto Junior Centre was born in the year 2006 to offer hope and a future to many hopeless children from the Kibera (jeremiah 29:11).

Despite numerous challenges like feeding, wages to teachers, and operating costs, we still wish to grow, but are limited by our financial constraints and facilities.

We are pursuing self-sustainability as some of our parents are gifted in making handcrafts which they donate to the school in exchange for an eduction. We do wish to have people  sponsor a child’s education through the purchase of our school jewellery. We are open and ready to receive any form of  help or support from friends, groups or organizations.

Geoffrey Ojiambo
Soweto Junior Centre


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