Soweto Junior Programs


Starting as early as 3 years old, the children at Soweto Junior are introduced to English as a foreign language, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Science, and Christian ethics.

Study groups
We organize the children into groups of 10 in circles to read story books, draw and paint pictures of the school, teachers, friends, animals, etc. This gives them time and space to discover their talents and allows their creativity to bloom.

Lunch program
Currently, we have no dining hall or cafeteria and all our children eat from their classrooms as a group.

Soweto Junior students enjoy many athletics, particularly soccer and skipping ropes. We have plans to provide swings and slides.

Arts & Drama
The students enjoy classes in drama (producing some short skits), poetry and mashairi. The drama team puts plays on when we have a parents meetings at the school and also when we have friendly challenges with other schools.

Fair trade 
Some of our student’s parents are gifted in making handicrafts which we allow them to donate to the school in exchange for school fees.


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